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Why CTV Advertising?

Simple!   People are moving away from standard TV and cable and are opting to stream videos, shows and movies on their own schedule via their CTV devices.  Interested in getting started?  Contact us to see how!

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Current Market

20% of all TV viewing happens on Connected TV devices and growing.

Cord Cutters

Cord Cutters are expected to rise 23% over the next year in 2017.

Completion Rates

On average with CTV, video completion rates are 150% higher than traditional video pre-roll.

Share Of Voice

Greater share of voice.  Fewer commercials in each break means your message has greater impact.

Focused On CTV Advertising

Our Team



Jim brings 20 years of experience in marketing. His background includes online, broadcast television and radio. His energy is hard to top around here and he dedicates the same to all of his clients.


Do-It-All Superstar

Christiana has served all types of businesses on a variety of levels with respect to client relationships. She has a great understanding for the marketing landscape, so she is an Ace at setting and managing expectations. She keeps things sane around here.



Mark has 15 years in local and regional business development consulting experience. With the past 10 years devoted to a digital medium, he brings his innovative approach and enthusiasm to the table every morning (along with a large cup of coffee).

Our Story

At ApartX our focus is on our customers. We strive to provide quality products and services to help you grow your business at the lowest cost to you. We partner with Advertising Agencies, Franchise Organizations, SMB’s and Large / OEM Companies to bring online expertise within your reach. We put your interests first, looking for long term business relationships. Industries we have seen great success with include:

Financial Services Automotive
Restaurants Real Estate
Communications Builders
Health Care Pharmaceutical
Education Hotel & Travel

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Client Satisfaction

Cups Of Coffee (K)

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”




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